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I offer two types of service. Party service and Art service. Party service falls under my face painting. Art service falls under freelancing and commissions for various creative outlets such as Role-Play Games, Illustrators looking for visual reference/concept art and more.
What can you do?
Name it and I can do it or attempt it as long as it is not in the attempt to recreate a face. For example, I can paint roses or a beast. But I cannot paint Belle from the movie Beauty and the Beast.

What are your prices?
For $90/hr, a minimum of two hours required, I will be available to you as an artist which can paint anyone from children to adults a variety of things.

Can you do a Corporate event?
Please contact me immediately via email (xaidezignz (AT) with all the necessary info INCLUDING how many are to attend!

When can I schedule you?

Make sure you contact me for your party or event at least one month before the actual date to sort out any kinks or bumps within my schedule and your own.

Are the paints and glitter safe?
Yes they are. The paints used are Paradise HQ from Mehron. This brand is excellent in being hypo-allergenic, water based and easy to remove with soap and water, or if a little stuck - a cold cream type cleanser like Noxzema. The glitter is non-toxic facial glitter, usually Mary-Kate & Ashley brand or Wet n' Wild. As long as the child keeps their eyes closed during glitter application, there should be no 'owwies'. :)

What do I get when I order a commission?
You will receive a high resolution digital file through a download link once we are finished with all transactions. Your digital file is for your own reproduction purposes as you see fit. But, please note that while you hold the copyright to your character I still hold the copyright to my art. I have the right to post it in my galleries and reproduce (unless otherwise specified within our contract).

Do you take requests?


Do you do art trades?

Only if I know you and even then when we both are definitely available.

What media do you use?

Graphite pencil. colored pencil, black ink, colored ink, marker, watercolor, digital painting (Photoshop, Open Canvas, Painter).

What are your prices like?
Pricing all starts at a basic $18 for a single character pencil sketch, light shading, no background.
Adding a background to it will be an extra $10-$25 depending on complexity.
Adding additional characters will be another $15 per.

Commission Deal - A character spread sheet. Full body frontal, side and 3/4s views. Frontal and 3/4s bust shots. Flat, CG or soft coloring on your preference. Side bar color pallet and forum 'signature' image included. Total price = $75 flat.

Please point any questions about commissions, price quotes and/or reserving rights to any image I do for you to yourself to my email: xaidezignz (AT)

For more information/queue list, please visit the FAQ or my DeviantArt site: