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Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: ... ages. But I stopped drawing for my entire middle school career. Picked it up again in high school. I regret quitting every day, but am working twice as fast now to regain skill.

Q: Who taught you how to draw?
A: I started to draw on my own... I've had a long list of instructors, mainly in high school that I respect and gave me a good level head and an appreciation for critique and color pencil. ^.~

Q: Is anime/anthro all you do?
A: No. I do a modified realism but its not something that I'm asked for often.
Q: What do you use in coloring?
A: Prismacolor color pencils & markers, Copic markers, Watercolour (paint and pencils), pastels, acrylic inks, Sakura microns and Adobe Photoshop along with Open Canvas.

Q: So what do you want to for a career?
A: Anything I can do creatively. Gearing towards commercial arts/graphic design, but really anything I can put my all into.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: A funny question. The answer is... No.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Yes.

Q: How about art trades?
A: Rarely. I'm usually full with commissions and trades aren't always possible. But you can always ask and see what the status is.

Q: May I draw one of your characters?
A: Sure! I enjoy seeing other's portray my characters in their own styles. If you go for it, thank you! But, if you draw a character of mine, please make sure all the legal mumbo jumbo is there and send me a copy! =D

Q: May I use your art to represent 'X' - my character in a RPG game to use as a signature and stuff?
A: Absolutely bloody not. Never. No. I'm sorry but I dislike the very idea of someone taking my images for that purpose. If you like my artwork enough to ask this, then you can purchase a commission.

Q: Who's 'Xaila'?
A: The one who runs this site, draws the art and more. Xaila is my artist tag, nickname and preferred conversation name I've gone by Xaila now since 1998-99 and it won't change anytime soon! =D

Q: You seem to do a good deal of anthropomorphic artwork. Does this mean you're a furry?
A: No. What this one draws does not equal this ones actual lifestyle. I'm pretty normal and if you HAVE to label me. Then sadly you'd have to put me in the crowd that loves anime and manga. Although I like the latter more now.

Q: Can I use your pictures for my website/blog/etc?
A: No. Unless you paid for the art or I've given you art. Anything else is foul.

Q: I saw this stuff on another site!/This isn't yours!/Someone's stealing your stuff!
A: Yes it is. This is mine. Art by 'Xaila' 'Kimberly Austin' 'K. Austin' and 'Goddess Silver Serenity' are my pieces. I've had many a website in my past, all on Geocities basically and they're 'shut down'. BUT if you come across someone using my art and its obvious they didn't get it form me in a legit way - PLEASE tell me and link me ASAP.

Q: Do you have AIM? What's your name? Can we talk?
A: 'pandy puffs', but don't get huffy if I come across as callous at first. I get a lot of prank, rude IMs. Eventually I'll be a lot more friendly. Unless you're typing like an idiot. DO NOT IM ME SPEAKING IN NETSPEAK. I don't tolerate it, I don't LIKE it at all. English or bust buddy.